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Bucked Up Energy

Bucked Up Energy

Ryan Gardner founded Bucked Up in 2016 and has been the managing partner and CEO ever since. Under his supervision, Bucked Up has gone from a local supplement brand to the #1 best selling pre-workout, available in over 20,000 stores worldwide.
Back in 2001, Ryan and his twin brother Jeff built a successful internet marketing company, promoting everything from supplements to biz opp to lead generation. By 2010, their affiliate network (with only 3 other employees) was earning over $25M+ annually in revenue. In 2015, they saw that social media was the future and decided to start their own social media agency. After over a decade of promoting other people's products, Ryan and Jeff realized it was finally time to put their talents to work promoting their own.
Ryan purchased the domain name in 2013. Not long after, Ray Lewis made headline news when he was accused of taking the spray before the Super Bowl. Sales exploded overnight. Sure, he was in the "Right Time...Right Place," but without Ryan's smart, hard work, he would've missed out on all that success. Shortly after the Super Bowl, he managed to get Deer Antler Spray into GNC and sold thousands of bottles a week for the next two years. Ryan, with the help of a GNC franchise owner, came up with the idea to launch a pre-workout. Despite some skepticism from family, he purchased for $1500 and named the first pre-workout "Bucked Up." With a great logo, flavor profile, right ingredients, and a non-proprietary blend, the company started making waves in the supplement industry and never looked back.

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