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Marquez Foods

Marquez Foods

“Our company goal isn’t just selling products but providing our partners with a combined set of products and services that will help them grow their business. The success of our clients is our success ”

Mario Marquez, Founder and CEO
Company Snapshot
We are a food distribution company with 12 years of experience serving gas stations and convenience stores across the Southeastern United States. We specialize in delivering a diverse range of Hispanic products.

Bringing value to your business, at no additional cost.

Merchandising & Store Reset:
Our merchandising team specializes in organizing your store products in an appealing way that engages and inspires customers to purchase more items than initially intended. Good merchandising is an effective way to help customers choose between multiple products more agilely.

Marketing Support:
Our in-house creative department delivers design and marketing materials to bolster the advertising of our products. The team primarily supply outdoor banners, store door posters, shelf artwork, and POP materials.

Inventory - 336 products63 brands
Clients - More than 9,300by January 2023
Free Services - Merchandising and Marketing Support
Exclusivity - Exclusive and own brands
Distribution - 64 Vehicles scalable on-demand

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