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An Industry Pioneer Since 1889
Responsible for creating and shaping many of the industry standards everyone follows, Alsco has blazed the trail for the laundering and delivery of ready-to-wear uniforms, starting with aprons, then moving on to every type of workwear application imaginable.

Alsco goes beyond uniforms and linens to supply customers with additional services. Contact us to learn more about:
• Floor Care — Our floor care service list includes floor mats, anti-fatigue mats, wet and dry mops, microfiber mops and industrial towels.
• Washroom Supplies — When you trust us to furnish your washroom supplies, you can rest assured that all your washrooms will be fully stocked with working dispensers, mats and hand towels. We specialize in clean and dry hands, clean fixtures, clean air and clean floors.
• First Aid — We know a good first aid program is hard to find. Alsco’s managed first aid program makes it easy by offering a user-friendly cabinet that sets itself apart from the competition.

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