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What a Great Year of 

Live events connect us, energize us, and allow us to be incredibly productive over a short amount of time.

From large trade shows, to golf tournaments supporting those in need... we want to stay personally connected with our members and vendors to continue building relationships that lead to greater success for you.

Look Back at our 2023 Events!


September 21 @ Cobb Galleria

Vendor Interviews

Screenshot 2023-10-23 145407_edited.jpg

"A group of men came together with a great idea and entrepreneurial spirit and have really been successful driving the results for their members throughout the last 20 years... I value their partnership and their friendship."

"HRA means family, authenticity. Giving members programs and incentives keeps customers coming through the doors."

Screenshot 2023-10-23 150124_edited.jpg
Screenshot 2023-10-23 150933_edited.jpg

"Without HRA we wouldn't be able to solve the problems that we have, with vendor delivery, vendor products, HRA is always there to help us with the solutions. They treat us like family."

"I think the vision and the collaboration with the company itself, is more about the client. They actually think for us, they help us to save money for profits, from rebates, from collective bargaining. They make it all easy."

Screenshot 2023-10-23 151439_edited.jpg


Car Winner:

Haresh Padmani

$5,000 Raffle Winners:

Jinit Patel from D&D

Yatin Patel from KO

Milan Patel from MEC

Vinod Mistry Pepsi

Taru Patel from RedBull

After Party


August 25 @ Mirror Lake Golf Club

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C-Store Connect
Gol Tournament
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