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Empower Your Retail Journey
Exclusive Discounts for Retailers & Brand Equity for Vendors.

What are the benefits to joining HRA?

Save your money


Earn more profit


Continue purchasing the same products, from the same vendors while saving money through exclusive deals negotiated on your behalf.

Browse current and upcoming rebate programs and promotions within your Members Only HRA mobile or web application prior to placing your vendor orders.


Solve more problems

Reach out for help with issues ranging from vendor problems to store layout because we are here to help you save and earn more money.

your gateway to convenience retail success!

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It's as simple as 


First time Users, Click HERE to Reset Password


Enter the HRA Number and Registered email id


Click on reset Password link in the email and set a new Password


No cost to sign-up or join and can be done online.

Access to exclusive discounts and rebates, available only to HRA Members.

Receive savings every quarter on purchases, products and inventory that you already buy.

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